Gendered baby gear.

I'm really struggling with some family and friends right now who want to know the sex of the baby. I have no preference and honestly, I kind of don't care. I want a healthy baby. That's it. 
There biggest reason is that they want to be able to buy gifts in the right color.  No matter how much I say that I don't care if my little girl wears sweater vests or my boy likes princesses, they keep pushing the issue. Right now the big issue is what color bottles to buy?! I'm like, seriously? They are bottles, who gives  a crap if they are pink or blue or purple or butterflies. The baby won't know! 
I feel like this push to place gender stereotypes into a newborn is kind of disgusting, but I can't get the message across tactfully no matter how hard I have tried. 
Anyone else struggling?