Actually kinda happy!

↞ηιcσℓε♡↠ • 15 very long years of ttc! Not giving up though!!
Even though my period is supposed to start tomorrow and yesterday I was down about everything. Even if I'm not pregnant I've been downing a bunch of water, I'm a soda drinker I absolutely hate water! Everyone's like your  dehydrated or it's diabetes go to the doctor! I didn't. I'm not having any symptoms of either besides being thirsty and it's actually dry throat instead of being thirsty. But since I've been drinking water non stop for almost a week, soda tastes horrible and it's a good thing. I may not be on a diet but at least I'm getting the water in and it's better for me and future baby. I'm pretty proud of myself with it being 7 years ttc. I'm trying to quit smoking also, should have sooner since I've been trying so long but we all have "issues" and smoking is my safe haven. Keeps me sane lol. I want to thank every lady on here who's gave me advice and support and I'd like to wish anyone reading this lots and lots of baby dust! We are all a family if trying to conceive-ers and honestly not one of us could do without each other on here! My plan is "if " my period shows up tomorrow next month I'm not going to use opks or anything I'm just going to use my preseed and bd every other day from my period to my next lol. Good luck to all you awesome ladies!!!