A sign?

Teri-lyn • 19 F Calgary ab mommy to a three year old minature pincher ttc baby #1 with my bf
So  yesterday i had a very vivid almost real life dream that i went to the wash room  had a pregnacey test. Show two likes right away iam cycle day 22 and iam 10 dpo today my aunty was read her last rights as she was taken off life support shes still holding on fighting iv had slight cramps since 4 dpo and. Started getting little crams today my period isnt due for another four days took a test on 9 dpo and got nothing hoping this is a sign from jesus that even tho a memeber of my family is leaving us soon that i might be blessed with a little one she was admitted on Christmas Day not sure how to take this dream had one a few months ago but nothing like this  any advice or insight plz really courious