Emotions while TTC

Jaemi • Married May 25th, 2013. I have a wonderful husband and two fantastic fur babies. TTC our first child!
Is it just me, or does everything feel like a pregnancy symptom? From nausea to sore boobs, and even emotions. I'm not pregnant - yet - even though it would be super cool, but it seems like everything is making me cry. I feel like Kristen Bell in that commercial, where she is crying because the dog is being nice to the kitten. Binge watching episodes of What Would You Do, and I'm over here blubbering...then my husband doesn't make it any better. He throws out things like:
Why are you crying? Are you pregnant?
Did you just gag? Are you pregnant?
I think you're pregnant, because you're acting all bitchy.
Anyone else? Anyone? LoL. 
Oh, and then my parents gave this to me for Christmas. I think they are sending messages.