Over thinking or just friends? Long.

Mary • I`m Mary Edmonds, I`m about to be a nurse, I love my cats, Netflix and would die if I had to do something I hated.
So my boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years now. This time last year he planned to cheat on me with an ex he had. I forgave him and we've been okay. There have been a few hiccups here and there but now there is a new one. Let's call her B. I have had problems with B before, she was all over him while we were on a "break" and saying she loved him. I brought it up, he deleted her and I thought he stopped talking to her. Lately he's been shady with his phone calls, getting up to take them in another room, making them quick, not really telling me who it is. So, today I snooped and it turns out he's been talking to B for a while now. And one text she said she loved him and he said it back. When I brought it up he said it was "only friends" and that he's all about me and only loves me and that it sucks I don't trust him. I have thin trust with him as it is, should I believe him when he says she's just a friend/ride to work?