Maya Elizabeth ? 5.7lb @ 34.6 weeks ⭐️

Zoe • Preemie Mum 💕 Little Maya Born 23/12/14 - Due 28/01/15👊 5lb 7oz 👊✨25 Day NICU✨
My daughter was born naturally at 6:44pm on 23/12/2014 after going in for my induction on the day before at 34 weeks and 5 days due to: premature pre labour rupture of membranes at 24-27 weeks and + GBS swabs. Bad breathing problems at birth but is now breathing for herself and at 21% which is air. She's being tube fed and as of yesterday is having full feeds hourly (16ml). Had jaundice at first but is now well away from the treatment threshold but has had to go back on a couple of times since it keeps bobbing up. I was sick last night so have been banned from the ward for 48 hours, 34 hours left till I can see her.