Love lost and happiness

I was with my ex for 5 1/2 years when we first got together it was magical so much love and support but then it all changed. I was praying that by getting married that it would come back but after a year of marriage I wouldn't let him touch me I was miserable. He was a bigger guy when we started dating and I didn't have a problem with that but a few months after we got married he started putting weight on the first year he put on about 300 pounds so that put him up too 650 and I begged him to loose the weight he kept saying he was happy with the way he looked but I should loose weight since as he called the way I looked fat so I did I lost 50 pounds I weighed 250 then and still he called me fat so I couldn't take it any more and told him I was in happy then he got a job and things were looking better then he got shady I asked to use his phone one day and he flipped out I knew right there it was over he found some one who could make him happy they way I used too. In June a friend if the family came to stay with us and there has never been an attraction between him and I but when I seen him I was like omg but I didn't act on it I would be going to the store and ask my ex he you wanna go and he would be like no go by your self like I was too ugly to be seen in public with so with years in my eyes I would leave and cry. After about a month of that the family friend started to realize something was wrong so we talked for hours one night and found out that he liked me for years but always thought I was happy. At one point I was happy. I told my ex I want a divorce since he refused to work on our relationship he said fine go fuck all the guys you want and become a whore well that hurt I have never cheated on any guy I have ever committed too I was hurt crushed what ever so I moved into my parents house when my ex kicked me out. The family friend was very protective after that he moved in to my parents house as well and slept on the couch. I started to fall for him and so I took a chance and asked him if he ever thought about Me and to my surprise he did he said he fell in love with me 3 years ago so we took a shot and I am more happy now then ever and we have been going strong since September he makes me realize that I am worth fighting for that I am beautiful that I am worth love he knows when I'm upset scared tired he actually knows when there's something wrong and I love that I finally found my happiness