Age Restrictions

Sydney • Mommy to one baby girl 🎀
I think it would be awesome to have restrictions based on the users age. Maybe 18 yrs and under with certain restrictions. I recently saw a 12 yr. old post a topic and there was a lot of controversy about her age and being on this app. And then I saw a Glow Admin comment and say her account would be terminated because she was too young for the app. 
But this app is great for period tracking! Which is what most girls that age download it for. And a lot of girls by that age get their period. So I think that if a 12 yr old did want to sign up for Glow, (you'd know based on the age they put in on their account) it would just predict their period, and not fertile days or anything related to conceiving. And maybe they could have access to only certain groups that are age appropriate. Kind of like a "parental control" type thing.
By doing this, you would also get a lot more downloads by girls who aren't old enough to use Glow the way it is now.
I would assume this would be a lot of work, I'm not even sure if it is possible. But I just wanted to throw the idea out there. ☺️
Thanks for reading!