Af or pregnancy

Mary • 37 yrs old and just gave birth to my rainbow baby 2/22/17 after having had 6 losses and I'm expecting again on 2/9/18
Im 35 and ttc. ive noticed over the past two months that my bodys going through some changes af symptom wise and at ovulation too. when i ovulated this month i came down with flu like symptoms without the flu! never had that before. i started getting sore breasts on the 20 which turned to extremely sore breasts 3 days later but now theyre not so sore anymore. af's due between the 31 and feb 2nd. ive also had extreme watery cm too which i never had before with af. could i be pregnant? has anyone had a bfp with symptoms that dissapeared before af came? im a little worried cause ive never experienced this before. my breast pain only went away after af started but NEVER before she came