No idea for a name yet!

Ann Marie • 35, Boston area. I have a 2-year-old son, pregnant with my second, due July 2018
A lot of moms-to-be on these forums have picked out names and are even decorating nurseries with specific names. Am I and my husband crazy that we have no idea on a name? We find out the gender next week (hopefully), but I doubt that will help us to choose a name until close to the end. We've vetoed a few names for each gender, but there are no front-runners. 
Fun story, one of my friends was one of a set of triplets. He was born in a developing country so his mom didn't know she was carrying 3 babies. They were labeled A, B, and C by the hospital staff, so their names now start with A, B, and C. How's that for forcing a choice?  :)