When to tell EVERYONE else we know

So yesterday we heard our baby's heart beat for the 3rd time and it's very strong and healthy I am 10 weeks and 6 days and baby's heart beat was 170 Bpm yesterday at my doctors app. We have seen baby on US since week 7 till week 9 which was last week. This is my 2nd pregnancy. My first was last year in September and ended in a MC at 7 weeks and a few days after we told everyone we knew. So I'm kind of scared to announce it the great news with everyone. My family members said to wait till after my 1st trimester which will be next week Thursday I will be 3 months= 12 weeks👶✨. Should I wait a little longer..Ofcourse were not ashamed of having a baby I just want to make sure that we don't announce too early then pray to God that nothing happens to either my baby or myself.