Daily weed smoker TTC

Nicholle • I suffer from a progesterone deficiency, just found out I could never carry a child without it. Ttc 4 years, 3 failed rounds of clomid. Currently taking femara & progesterone. Ttc #1.
I'm 28, been married for over a year, but with my husband going on 5 years.. I've been a daily weed smoker going on 14 years.. I went to my ob last year because I wasn't getting pregnant & i felt like something was wrong.. I got a bunch of tests ran on me and all it was, was fluid in my tubes.. my fertility, tubes & everything came back OK. We even checked my husband's sperm count & he came back good.. I took clomid a few times but I became a raging crazy lady so I laid off.. when I told my doc about my weed smoking he told me it has nothing to do with me not getting pregnant.. I'm just looking for feedback, not need to judge.