Overwhelmed with emotions. Why must he make me feel this way?

Lupita • married an anime junkie like me. Love to watch 90`s sitcoms, and draw, paint, cosplay. my fav 50"s sitcom is i love lucy. my fav disney princess is jasmine. looking to make newfriends.
Me and my babe are trying to conceive. He even helped me purchase a package of ovulation tests and Pre-Seed to help us on our way to making baby #2 happen. But lately I feel like I'm going through it by myself. Like he's not interested or doesn't care about this anymore. Even sex seems more forced than enjoyable. I asked him recently if he's still on board with having another baby and he says yes but a lot of times I just feel like he's saying yes to please me. I tell him be honest with me with how you feel but it doesn't get me anywhere. I feel lost and alone. I don't know what to do.