HELP!! What my dr. told me about BV

I had a physical yesterday. I felt like something strange was going on in my lady parts. Burning when I pee, I thought it was the begining of a UTI forsure.

Nope. Not a UTI.

I mentioned that i thought it smelled off, and reminded me of when I had Bv. Bacterial Vaginosis-

Its pretty common, not really an STD, but more common in those sexually active. I have had BV 3 times in my life. You take meds for a week, and youre good in no time.

I think Ive gotten it every time Ive let a guy ejaculate in me(think im just extra sensitive down there)

Anyways my doc tests me for everything,stds,bv...

All negative.

And she said even if I have BV again, that I might just always be "off" down there, and that vaginas like to be acidic.

She told me to get some boric acid powder and buy some capsules and make my own little suppositories lol

But hey, I am going to go buy them tomrrow,and try it for a month.

I had sex with my bf tonight and it smelled fishy, just like BV.

But I JUST got tested literally 2 days ago, what else is this if not BV or anything else??

It usually has a pleasant, well atleast normal smell!! :(