My story

Got pregnant first month we tried we were over the moon & very excited. Sadly though miscarried @ 5 weeks & was yold to try again. Which we did & 6 months later have healthy son, that was 4yrs ago. So when it came ttc again for baby #2 after 6mths of frustration & not getting pregnant & being an "older mother" got refered to specislist. I got th ok but hubby was told have low sperm count & not enough & were heading down the path of <a href="">iui</a> with <a href="">ivf</a>. That was Oct 2014, then in Nov cycle was late & thought it wasnt possible & test came back positive after 12mths of trying. Over the moon we were went to my gp assuming was at least 5 -6 weeks preg but scan only revealed 3. Ok i thought & had booked in for another scan 2 wks later & was told has a very low heart rate & is touch & go but was advised that heart may have only started that day & pregnancy was viable. Was sent home very scared & nervous but trying not to let it bother me. Nearly week went past & had some light bleeding that just got heavier & heavier. On top of that had injured my back which required treatment at physio & when i came back out some lovely person had banged into my car & left no details. To say i was angry was an understatement. Had scan couple of days later that indicated completed miscarriage. 2 days later my grandmother died & had to fly then drive & back all the while still miscarrying the baby. Most amount was done in 3 days but continued to bleed for 3 weeks on & off. So when it finished thought that it was over & start to heal. 1 week later i think my first period arrived which had mixed feelings about. Happy to see it so that cycle could get back to routine, unhappy as just reminded me of the miscarriage again. During what i think was my first period fell in bout of depression but it has now finished & trying to move forward with life 1 step at a time. Went & got new hairdo & will start my new food regime next week & exercise routine back in order. So in time we can start to try again. Thanks for reading & feeling better. Good luck & babydust to u.✨