I'm a 25 year old single mother who has a ton a ton and a ton of medical expenses on my credit, my student loans are also on there when I moved out the apartment I shared with my daughters father after he started hitting me he allowed it to go and get an eviction and now I have a judgement for 5k as well so all in all there's somewhere in the upwards of 25k on my credit and now I'm trying to rebuild my life for my child with a pretty decent job and looking forward to purchasing a house but was just told my credit score is 149!! 149?!?! 😰 I'm so upset cause I can not manage to pay my living expenses now plus all the debt, the mortgage broker suggested for me to look in to bankruptcy, has anyone ever done it? Is it as bad as everyone says? Will I be able to purchase a car or a house in the next two or three years? Please help!