"Morning sickness"

Shyla • 👧🏽09-19-2015 🤰🏽due December 2018
I'm currently 7+3 and have horrible morning sickness. It's hard to get up and motivated because I feel so crappy! My doctor has me on Unisome and vit. b6 pills but they only do so much. I can't take the Unisome during the day because it puts me right to sleep!! Currently, I'm trying Popsicles and peppermint essential oil. They seem to take the edge off but that's as far as they go.
I'm really really nervous because my hubby and I planned a trip back in November (before I found out I was pregnant) and it is scheduled when I'm 12-13 weeks pregnant. I'm hoping that this "morning" sickness has gone away by then because it is going to suck being in a different country and having to stay in the hotel room all the time! 
Any words of advice or suggestions on meds that I can talk to my OB about?