Teen mother shaming

I would like to point out that while on this app we LOVE to shame teen mothers, my "mother" was 26 almost 27 when I was born. She's addicted to cocaine and I haven't spoken to her in 5 years. She beat me often, and traded me as a sex token to drug dealers starting when I was 9 with her husband first, to when I was 12. I have PTSD from it. Being an older parent doesn't make you a good one, and being a young parent doesn't make you a bad one. To all parents, both young and old, don't be offended by what others stereotype of you, and don't stereotype others. I'm not looking for pity, I'm just trying to eradicate ignorance. :) I was her first child, and her last (thank god). I'll be 18 in a couple days, and I haven't had a kid yet, but I know many young mothers who are great at taking care of their children! Thanks for bothering to read this!