Scared to tell Family

I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant. I know it's still really early. But I feel like I should tell my parents (and my boyfriend should tell his parents at least). I'm terrified to tell them. My parents have drilled into my head - college, career, marriage, family. His parents are the same way and have told us both the same thing. However, I have a completely unplanned pregnancy with my boyfriend since high-school. We're both 22 and in college currently. We are in a committed relationship. We've taken breaks from school and worked so we aren't close to finishing our degrees - I'm 1.5 years out and he is 2+ years. He doesn't need a degree for the career he wants. However, I do. I believe I have a plan - take online classes to finish, work part-time or full-time and have this baby. This is the tricky part - my boyfriend is not independent from his parents (they pay his rent, bills, education, auto insurance, health expenses, plus $100 extra a month)-he does work currently part time as a manager of a hardware store. I am semi-independent from my parents (they pay my education and my father pays for my health expenses (divorced)- and I work as an intern currently... I have a job waiting for me at my company the moment I graduate. I want this baby. I make well over minimum wage and so does my boyfriend so I'm confident we can do this-it may not be easy but nothing in life is. 
My mom's side are devout Catholics so abortion is not an answer (I have 60+ first cousins if that says something). My dad's family is all over the place with religion and beliefs. My boyfriend's family are Southern baptists. 
I'm keeping this child. I just need words of encouragement and advice if y'all have any! Do I wait until 12 weeks or tell them now? I've already spoken to my best friend and she told me to just "man-up" and tell them so please don't suggest for me to speak to a counselor or talk to some friends.