Preterm Labor 😞

So does anyone know that if you have a job where you are standing up/walking for long periods of time it causes pressure on the cervix which then causes a hormone to be released that prepares your body for labor? Well ... I work as an ER nurse and rarely sit down during my 12-13 hour shifts. Im currently 29 weeks. Last night I noticed my stomach felt really tight and my back was hurting. After a while I decided to leave work early and get checked out at l&d triage. Well, I'm thankful I went because I was actually having contractions every 2 minutes and my cervix was soft! (which it's not supposed to be yet) The nurse then told me I was in preterm labor :( thankfully a shot of terbutaline and some IV fluids slowed the contractions down. I'm on bed rest for the next 3 days till I see my ob dr. Interesting thing though - the nurse told me she sees a lot of pregnant nurses because they are always on their feet. 
What also may have led up to the contractions was not drinking enough water. I had THOUGHT I was drinking enough as I had had a couple of cups of water plus a 16oz water a few hours before I went up to OB, but my temp was 99.3, which isnt a fever - but a sign I was probably dehydrated a little. 
​Anyways, just wanted to see if anyone else has gone through something like this? And if you have did you end up delivering your baby early?