No longer trying...

Tesharni • 20 • Warrnambool
So my partner an I have decided that we will stop trying for a few months an just work on ourselves.. We have been TTC for technically 18 months but I did get pregnant on my 6th cycle only to have it lead to a miscarriage! This time round we have been trying for a year with no luck! I'll still be using glow to track my periods an give comments on others topics! I think this is what's best for us right now, we were basically focusing our life around trying to get pregnant that we forgot to actually live it! We have even started talking about planning our wedding! We are still young so we have time to just muck around an be ourselves for a while :) 
Best of luck to all those TTC an I hope you get that BFP you so badly deserve! :) 👶👼❤️✨🍀