So, I'm sorry if this comes off crazy, but my husband isn't home yet and I'm about to lose it. I had a m/c in December, and although it's been super tough, considering my BFF gave birth like 4 days later--I have pushed through a lot of pain. Fast forward to the beginning of Feb, when my bills come in from surgery. 2000$, and another bill for 700, as if the pain of losing a baby wasn't enough I've been literally slapped in the face. I can't complain, insurance paid for a lot of it, but we're trying to buy a house, and trying for another child! Last week I mentioned to someone that I was waiting for the 'other shoe to fall', well here it is. And then this evening, while sitting in Parents week, at my 6 year Olds dance class the little girl didn't do one tiny inkling of what looked like her routine. I was SO embarrassed. I cried the entire way home.