Folic acid and IBS (irritable Bowel syndrome)

Stefania Jayneanne Grace

I have ibs. Which is not pleasant at the best of times, however with pregnancy it seems to worsen.

I have been pregnant 4 times now and each time my ibs is extremely predictable. With the 2nd and 3rd of my pregnancies, it was that bad i was almost convinced that it caused my miscarriages... i am now pregnant again and i think i might have found a pattern though. It seems to be less vile when i forget to take my folic acid. (My ibs manifests by having to go to the loo a lot)- my friend who is the opposite end of the spectrum has also seen a pattern with the consumption of folic acid resulting in an upset stomach)

I was wondering if anyone else suffered from this and if they have seen this pattern.

And... if so... how else can i be sure that I'm getting the right amount of folic acid into my system? I'm sure there are other ways because folic acid is in stuff like cerial.

I know i need 400ųg a day...