I need advice

My husband and I had a few people over the other night for some drinks. His brother and his girlfriend and my best friend. My friend needed a ride home and we were all pretty drunk still but my husband offered to take her. For some reason I had a bad feeling about it but he insisted. Two days later my friend calls me saying that my husband asked her for sex advice and what are good things to do in the bedroom.. She went on to tell him a few things and then she said he then touch her crotch. She immediately moved his hand and told him that was not okay and she was uncomfortable. He apologized over and over and she said even texted him the next day apologizing and said he was out of line. I immediately got so crushed and sick to my stomach and I was just so embarrassed. My husband apologized very sincerely for treating me that way and I don't deserve that.. Going on and on. It just hurts so bad and I forgave him but i don't think I really do forgive him. We have a three year old and are currently trying to get pregnant again but I don't know what to do. This same situation happened when we first started dating with someone I am no longer friends with anymore because of it.. It was also because he was drunk and he asked her for a naked picture and said he would pay her. Ughhh what should I do.. I'm a stay at home mom with only his family around because all my family lives across the crountry so I don't even have any one to talk to.