Do you miss your most annoying brother or sister?!?!?!

♚NAS♚ • Born in South Africa.. happily married.. 2 baby boys under two years.
So I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I am the youngest of the 5 and the 4th .. my annoying brother lol. Im 26 and hes 32 .. we use to try to pull each others hair out when we were younger! ... but as we grew up we got closer because the rest are much older than us! . I miss him so much cause we are from South Africa and I got married and moved to live with my husband in the UAE. But we still chat everyday! We are so crazy together and my mom gets tired of us when we're together! .. wish he lived closer.. miss my annoying brother! Do you guys miss them? Living with or without? Anyone close enough to be a brother or sister.

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