Can't sleep... Ever!

Bianca • 22. Mother. Wife. Houston Texas.
Does anyone else have horrible insomnia like I do. I've had it for as long as I can remember. During middle school and high school it was so bad I got prescribed ambien and muscle relaxer to sleep. They worked but I hate the grogginess after sleeping pills. Recently I would just buy Tylenol pms or zzz-quil and they help. But my SO doesn't like that I'm taking something everyday so after I ran out I didn't buy anymore. Soo... It's been a month and I literally toss, turn, lay in the dark with my eyes closed for hours but can't fall asleep. I stay up till about 4 a.m when I'm eventually exhausted and then fall asleep. But I can't be doing that, I have a toddler who gets up EARLY and needs me. Ugh it's just annoying! Should I just get back to the sleeping pills?