Rushed to ER last night

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I was picking up my daycare kid who is 2 and weighs 32 pounds. I picked him up out of his play pen after nap to change him and get him a snack. In middle of picking him up I got a large tearing feeling in my uterus followed by extremely sharp pain and a few minutes later bleeding. No one was home with me and I couldn't get a hold of anyone. So I ended up calling 911 I was in such extreme pain. When I got there I was having contraction and bleeding pretty heavy, with pain as well still there. They kept me over night to monitor bleeding. I have to wait for doctor to come in and see what he says now. Baby is still ok and has strong heart beat of 150s. Praying that baby stays in as long as possible. They said that they think I retore a himrage in or next to my placenta. 
Just thought I would share this with everyone for a little extra support or in case someone else may be going through this your not alone ❤️