Ever Been so mad

Elizabeth • Mommy of one beautiful girl, and twin boys (:
Anyone ever been so mad that you just start cramping like crazy. Gosh, this morning, ahhhhhhh. My sister is seriously a drama starter. I was cramping yesterday, so I decided to take a easy yesterday. No facebook, no cleaning, except dishes, I didn't even cook dinner because I wanted the cramping to stop. I'm 24 weeks with twins. This morning, woke up in a great mood. No cramps. I felt awesome!! Then I got on Facebook, and people wanted to start crap with me and my mom. My sister is stirring the pot with this. She tells them things, then starts acting innocent when arguments start. She's having a kid also, she needs to grow the hell up. But because of this 'drama', I started cramping again. My cramps are not close enough to go to labor and delivery. I do have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning, which I will e bringing these days to my doctors attention. But gosh. I hate getting that mad. If it were friends, I wouldn't care, but this is my family. I can't help but get so mad!! No more facebook for me again. Sorry just had to rant.