Delivery on Blood Thinners

I'm 26.5 weeks and will be on LOVENOX for the duration of my pregnancy because of a clot found in my lungs. I was told at 36 weeks I will be switched to Heparin because it's safer during delivery and I will be able to have an epidural. I was also told they will induce me. Which I've heard horrible things about. My first pregnancy, labor and delivery was a BREEZE. I went on my own at 38 weeks and was only in labor approximately 6 hours. Because I'm so unfamiliar with this I feel terrified the closer it gets. I'm afraid I'll go before I'm switched, I'm worried something will go wrong during delivery (whenever that happens), I'm
nervous about being induced and honestly scared that if something does happen, there could be a possibility I won't make it through. I know I'm being extreme, but this is all new too me. Any advice? 
At the risk of sounding horrible.... Iwas also curious for those who have dealt with this... once I'm safely on Heperin, how risky would it be to help myself go into labor. Like the old wives tale type of things.