Issues at work

So, I'm 10wks & 2days pregnant with our 1st child. This was planned & we're extremely happy! I took a test on Janurany 24 & when it was positive I had to tell someone other than my husband, so I told my boss. I've been working at this gas station for a year & I love it. I'm a shift leader/manager. It's like the lowest paid "boss" position, but I love it. 
Anyway, I told my boss & he seemed disappointed. Come to find out his wife can not get pregnant & their children are foster kids. I had no idea. 
Well about two weeks went by & I made my 1st ob apt & it fell on a Friday, we get out biggest truck shipment on Fridays so when I told my boss he said I was gonna have to reschedule it. I didn't reschedule it & he have me the day off, but he gave me static for it. I was also late a week later because of a manditory class I needed to take at the hospital. I was 40mins late, but I told him it was going to run late at 9 am when I was scheduled at 12. He went buzerk on me & when I showed up for work he threatened my job & I felt the need to step down from my management position in order to keep my job. 
Now I used to work 10hr days 4 days a week, now that I stepped down I work 7hr days 5days a week. 
I'm not happy about stepping down but I feel like I was forced.😥
He's also still expecting me to do the big tasks like take out outside trash & wipe down the gas pumps. I know when you're pregnant you can't lift much heavy stuff right. 
I just want to know if he is really being hard on me or if I'm over reacting. I feel like looking for a new job or asking to be transferred to adifferent store.