I feel like I don't have a voice

Kaylyn • Future mommy of 2
I am 15 and I am 18 weeks pregnant with twins and the dad is 18 and me and the dad never dated and he left me for 4 months and lied about me and him having sex and I lost my virginity to him and he's the only person I've had sex with and he basically didn't believe they were his and thought I was a hoe. And I got a PRENATAL DNA test and showed him and now he knows they are his and he says he has changed and he has a girlfriend and is probably in love with her and I'm still in love with him and he says he's "changed" but It really doesn't seem like it and he doesn't want them to have his last name and he doesn't want to come to my baby shower and I just I feel really alone I have great friends but I really could use his support and he is keeping everything a secret from everyone including his family and I feel like he doesn't care all because he cares about his basketball career cause he's really good at basketball and it's like he can play his sport etc but I had to give up lacrosse I have to give up my scholarships and I can't do anything and a lot of people are sticking up for him and I just don't feel like I have a say yesterday I told him I was disappointed in him with this situation etc and he just said what did I do now and I don't wanna argue but I'm just hurt and I'm trying to be optimistic but I'm so hurt and I feel like I'm alone. And I don't know what to do anymore.