I'm reaching my breaking point!


I'm so fed up with my boyfriend. He can go do everybody else their favors and go when they say it's "urgent" but it's an excuse to get him out of the house from settling down with a family and a child. Like what the hell! When I ask him to help me out he smacks his teeth and does it 5 minutes after I asked him nicely. He just came back after leaving at 9 in the am, he came back, got his beer he bought, and left. Didn't even answer both his grandmother and about when he'll be home.. I mean, I guess me allowing him doing whatever made it more vulnerable to where he just goes. All he does is drink and doesn't care about the consequences of anything... He's never home to help me out, and I worry for him 24/7, I know I should give him space but I never go anywhere. I know when to settle down and I wish he'd do the same.... It hurts, I was alone throughout my pregnancy, gave birth to our baby while he was out drinking

I'm seriously about ready to walk away....