Cheating or not.

My boyfriend and I have been together almost 2 years. We have a 7 year age gap, I am 30 and he is 23. We have been doing really good. We moved in together, got dogs together, and bought a car together. I really love him but I have an issue with how he "helps" his guy friends pick up woman. My boyfriend goes out with his friends then comes home with the women's phone numbers. He is open and honest about it, saying he is talking to these women to help his friends. He even sets up meetings so I can meet these women. What bothers me is him texting them all the time and he sometimes hangs out with them when I am not present. He isn't hiding any of this and says it is innocent. I have told him i dont feel uncomfortable with it but all he says is he is just friends with them and I need to trust him. Am I being naive to something bigger or am I just being paranoid?