Why did I stay❓❓(long story)

As my cO worker walked into work I could tell by the look in her eyes something had went wrong...as she begin to tell me the story of how her husband had cheated and that she was filing for a divorce...it in that split second I could feel her pain and before I knew it she said what I thought she would say....how did you stay marry to your husband after he cheated on you and made a baby😳😳😳❓ I was froze and in shock but I knew I had to be honest...I replied....I prayed more than i ever could and I cried every second I got BUT I GOT OVER IT.....you see it's life some of us are able to forgive and forget and some can't ...for me it was about my family and my kids...was i hurt HELL YEA...but I stayed true to what I believe....did I make it easy for him HELL NO...he had to work and prove to me he was worthy of another chance.....and now we have custody of that child...and that happened 10 years ago... You have to do what's best for you...people are gonna talk...believe me...they will call you all types of names but you have to do what's best for you 😘😘😘😘