Relationship Advise?!

Hi ladies, I could use some advise here, please no bad comments. I tend to babble so I'm sorry, here goes: 
My boyfriend and I have been together for what will be three years here soon. I have depression and he knows this. At first we were really happy, but as time went by, we encountered many problems and have both made mistakes. Here recently we've been fighting more and last night was one of the worst. He decided that he wanted space, so I left to stay with my mother. We talked more today and he's saying that he thinks it would be better if we broke it off. I asked him to call me back but I haven't heard from him. I know that he's the one for me, but I want him happy. He tells me that he still loves me but he's fed up with everything and doesn't know what to do. I know I'm probably being insecure about this, but I need advise. I don't want to loose him but I want him to be happy. Help me please! 😔😭