Can we just be positive?

Obviously I'm well aware that labor comes with discomfort and pain. But whenever I tell women I'm going to have an unmedicated birth they immediately respond in such a negative way? 
"Yeah right, you say that now, you'll be begging for an epidural, etc." 
why can't I get any support or encouragement. I feel as women we are criticized enough. Childbirth shouldnt be perceived as a fearful experience. It's natural and women have been doing it for years. Our bodies were made for this. 
I believe that if I exercise and train my mind and focus on what my body is saying I'll be fine. Confidence is key. I'm not scared at all. I'm excited to finally meet my son. 
 I want to feel labor pains and feel empowered as a women! 
I can do this. 
So if someone comes to you saying they're interested or plan on having a natural birth experience. Just give support and respect they're views.