Need baby dust ✨✨✨👶👶

Samantha • Married to my best friend. Ttc our first miracle since 2012 hopefully 2016 is our lucky year 🙏🏼✨☄
Me and my fiancé have been ttc since 01/2012 and we have been unsuccessful until December of 2014 but sadly it was a chemical pregnancy and I miscarried on January 9th. Felt with it best I could but the pain of knowing I lost a little miracle continues to haunt me daily. Feb I had an off period I normally bleed 7 days heavy the first 4 then medium light till the last day but this time it was only from February 10-14 and it was never heavy but light medium. I pray everyday to have my little miracle one day soon. Hopefully this will be our month it would be a fantastic wedding gift from God since we are getting married April 29. Please send baby dust our way and baby dust to all of you ttc as well ✨✨✨✨👶👶👶👶✨✨✨✨🙏