CF carrier testing and ins coverage

Christina • Wife, pharmacist, mother 1 daughter, 2 dog daughters and 1 cat 😊
So my doc said its recommended and routine to screen first time pregnant moms for CF to see if they r carriers... Well I got a EOB on my ins website I saw last night that says they were billed for genetic testing and it's not covered so my responsibility is 1350?!?! She never told me that checking that would be that much nonetheless other labs and prices I read out of pocket are like 800 tops! I know she said she would ask me at my next appt about getting genetic testing done so I'm hoping its a bill to c if it's covered or not?! I certainly am going to be pissed if I am liable for something  I was never informed may not be covered - from what I've read online it's pretty standard to have it done and most private ins does cover it so wth?! I am so livid if this is the case I would have not done it! I have BCBS of IL... Has anybody else been blind sighted by this???