Nuva Ring

Kail • I`m 24 and a nursing student. I got married on October 8, 2015. I have PCOS.
Hi! Im 23 years old and engaged. We are getting married in November of this year. I've been on Nuva Ring for about 6 months now and I like it. I haven't had any serious mood swings or complications. My thing is, I want to stop taking it until closer to the wedding. I read somewhere that getting off NR will cause weight loss for some people; others just stay the same. 
My fiancé and I are currently not trying to get pregnant and he's told me that if I wanted to stop, he would be supportive and we would just go back to using condoms. 
I currently take it to help control my PCOS, but now that I'm healthier, my doctor says I don't really need a BC to help out with it. 
What's your experience been while stopping Nuva Ring? Part of me wants to stop because I don't want my body to be 'messed up' from being on bc for so long (been on a bc for about 4 years now).