PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND. So my SO and I have been TTC nearly a year now, which is why I can't get any info or help from a Dr.. he won't see me until one year. Anyways, I have pretty irregular periods, I also nearly never have fertile cm its always only creamy and I was previously on the depo shot (the last shot was around July 2013) I recently had swollen lyphnodes which caused me to get a sonogram to check my ovaries which are clear NO PCOS and an mri to make sure it wasn't a tumor and everything came back fine. My blood work did show very low vitamin d3 levels so I take 1,000mg a day and a prenatal. What I'm coming at is I don't understand what could be cause my infertility. Is it just my period? Does anyone have any info or advice!? I have open ears and am up for any suggestions! Please help!!