So frustrated..

Madiha • A mother of 2 sweet daughters and 4 lovely step-daughters
Well!!.. On December we decided to ttc for our 1st baby together (we both have kids from x-marriages) we tried hard on the 1st month, the second he missed my fertile days, being so busy, on Feb. he has some excuses being sick and tired ... Etc.. I've been understanding and not nagging about it,  2weeks ago he told me that he's not ready yet.. He was trying for me.. I told him it's ok with me, I understand but I was crying inside.. Now I have my period and feel I just want baby, feel frustrated and being angry with him for little things and he keeps saying he understand this where coming from, if he does he should let us keep trying!.. Looking at my log and seeing the "green" days turning to "red" makes me angry at him more I even don't feel want to have sex with him any more... Is that normal?..