I'm going crazy post miscarriage! Please read and give your thoughts! Did I ovulate twice? Once? Body just out of wack?? HELP! Lol...


I had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago (was only 5 weeks along and didn't need a d&c as hcg beta dropped down to 0 and I only bled for 5 days, pretty much like a heavy period) 1 or 2 days after I stopped bleeding I took a OPK and it appeared to be positive which I thought was unusually too soon to ovulate following a miscarriage but I've heard it's definitely possible so all this time I thought I was in my 2ww and these last few days I've been experiencing cramping, bloating, and painful ovulation twinges (only on my right side or in the middle) so I thought possibly it was implantation (wishful thinking I know) ... I took a pregnancy test this morning which would have been about 8 dpo (yes, I know that's still early for a accurate result) and no surprise it was negative. Well, after the cramps going on all day and traveling down my leg and only being on one side ... I was prompted to do an ovulation test... low and behold it seemed to be VERY much positive. Today would be about 12 days since I miscarried which seems more likely to be a time in which I would actually be ovulating.

If so, I'm happy that things seem to be heading back to normal and that hubby and I have BD'd unbeknownst to all this, these last 2 days. But highly frustrated that my two week wait is now starting all over!

I'm curious to know your thoughts ladies... here are the pics of my 2 ovulation test, the first one pictures is from today, the second one is from 2 weeks ago ... immediately after i stopped bleeding from my miscarriage. Does one look more positive than the other or do they equally look as positive?

Is it possible I ovulated twice this cycle???