Husband masterbation. I'm pissed

So I recently had to be put on bed rest, with nothing in my baginal. By recent I mean Monday. Well last night my husband said he was craving some ass but he knew I couldn't do anything, so I layed at end of couch for him so he could jerk off and put his face around my butt and squeeze it. It was quiet an awkward position. Well then today I offered him to jerk him off we bought a "fake mouth" so that I could help please him. He said no he didn't want me to do anything but lay there and moving my hand moved my body too much. Which it doesn't it moves a little bit no more then when I breath in. He always takes long showers but he locks the doors all the time and says its to keep the kids out so he can have some peace. Which I understand because they do go in the bathroom a lot when he and I shower. However tonight my mom kept the kids so we could rest a little bit with out them. I went to use bathroom and door was locked. I asked why he needed it locked if kids were gone. He said because he was trying to jerk off. Which the water had been running well over 10/15 minutes. Now I don't mind masterbation, but it peeves me off that I offered and he went ahead, and made some excuse, and locked the door. I had to rant. I'm stuck on couch 24/7 I try to offer to help and get pushed aside. I feel hurt and peeved. Then when I caught him and told him I would help then he changed his mind and was like well if you wanna help you can. I was too mad I just left.