OPK Question. Help please?


So.. I'm officially 1 month off the pill (Alese 28). We've been TTC for 8 years but gave up actively trying. Well we decided to put forth more effort and bought we call 'stuff'. OPK's, HPT's, prenatals to prepare, men's vitamins, I'm trying To quit smoking.. You get the idea. Well I started the OPK's on the 1st. I read where one girl got her AF a day or so after her period stopped so I figured I'd POAS EVERY other day and give it a shot. And these are my results...

February 22nd AF came and ended on February 26th.

I POAS on February 28th, March 1st, March 3rd, and for S&G's, the 4th.

I was confused bc I didn't think I was reading these things right... Well guess I was. So I'm assuming either I'm an idiot or we hit my window. Of course BD'ing every day almost since this started lol

Any help would be awesomely appreciated. Thank you =)