Boy help!

So there's this boy who I've talked to on and off for a couple years and used to kinda have a thing with but it was never official and one day he randomly told me he wasn't interested anymore. Anyway, we started talking again a couple weeks ago and we both still have feelings for each other. We started FaceTiming every few nights and he makes me very happy but I feel that he doesn't care about me/like me that much and I don't want to put my all into something without him giving 100% as well.
Me: *sends picture of myself*
Him: Nice :)
Me: you make me happy
Him: ha that's good 
Me: I wish I could either not sleep so much or just sleep for the rest of my life
Him: haha you should sleep for the rest of your life, that'd be cool!
Are these signs that he's not as interested? Any advice helps
(P.S. Sorry for the long post)