Trying not to get my hopes up but ...

Kwerkymurkie • I wish I was the moon.

I KNOW I'm not supposed to take it out, and I KNOW I'm not supposed to read it after 10 min. Lol, I just have a tendency to look WAY to far into things. I tinkled on it, didn't see anything for 2 min, gave up, watched one episode of Law & Order (42 min) & when I got up to go tinkle again, saw two pink lines. And YES its pink. I took it out the plastic so I could hold it up to a light and examine it closer.... I have heard of evaps, but can evaps be pink???

And YES I know I should take another one in a few days. And I will. BUT FOR NOW, what's halls opinions????

BTW, I'm 9 dpo.

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