Faint Line 😐

Kirstie • Beautiful baby girl. So grateful and blessed every day <3
I miscarried last October and have been trying again since Dec. We have done so much Bding this month! AF due tomorrow and I have been sure that I am coming on! Boobs have been sore but not at the moment and had a bit of nausea and had diarrhoea that has totally gone the opposite way now! For the last few days iv had really strong period cramps and back ache too! Cried my eyes out at work the other day as well. I did a test this morning and forgot about it for half hour and there's a faint line! This is exactly what happened last time and turns out I was PG but I don't feel so sure I am this time! What do you all think? I will of course do another test tomorrow! 😓 quite nervous!