Knowing before testing

I've been trying to get pregnant for the last 3 mos. Not long at all I know. I am 39 and feel my time is ticking. I have 20 year old daughter and had an etopic pregnancy a few years back resulting in the lose of my right tube. So my chances have been decreased. Using three different apps, an ovulation test and advice from the gynecologist I am hoping we did what we needed in the right time frame. Ovulation from the left ovary would have also made a huge difference in the success rate. Just to move things Fwd a lil quicker I am seeing a fatility specialist for some insight next week. I will be seeing him two days before my period is due, hoping he will tell me I'm pregnant..... what a great dr appt that would be!!

How many mother's out there knew they were pregnant before testing time and how many never knew and were surprised when they tested?

Any advice for me?

Prayers and baby dust needed!!