Early pregnancy signs?

Jan 10th 2015 I started leaking milk out the blue and I been stopped breastfeeding in early 2013 with my first daughter and it's only when I squeeze my nipples white/clear liquid comes out and I recently had a 2 day period which isnt normal for me my periods at least lasts for 4 days first time ever had a 2 day one and following 2 days after brown spotting and it completely stopped .I took two pregnancy tests and they come up negative, with my first child I was a whole month pregnant and took tests and it came up negative til another month and a half after I showed a positive pregnancy test...I'm having all the pregnancy signs and I know my body,im having nausa,headaches,severe lower back pain,increased appetite,heightened smell,and the lower pelvic and stomach cramping...I am trying to conceive with a second child . Please tell me if anyone else experienced this?