Judgmental and unsupportive responses

It blows my mind how this forum is supposed to a spot where women can post both good and bad about their pregnancies.  The minute someone posts about being disappointed about something, their  heads are ripped off and shamed for having ANY negative thoughts whatsoever.  "You should be greatful", "There are others that would be in your shoes", those feelings shouldn't matter, at least he/she is healthy"!  Seriously people, we are NOW in our pregnancies where we are finding out what we are having and people are ALLOWED to be sad about it.  There are several posts that say "I am having x!!  I dreamed all my life to have x!!!"  What if they didn't and were told it's a y, well guess what some people are told exactly that.  It can be devastating for some, let them vent, let them feel free to express this.  STOP JUDGING.  You say your friend can't have kids, what if this person who is disappointed spent 5 years trying to conceive to include <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a>....they are still allowed these feelings.  Stop making people feel like shit because you can't be supportive.  If you don't agree, MOVE ALONG.  I get it, it's an open forum, but it doesn't mean you have to bring people down or say negative things to people for having REAL FEELINGS. What other people have gone through/are going through has/had ZERO relevance on how these people feel about themselves and their unborn baby.  Please start being supportive of ALL the women on this forum because we are ALL here to gain knowledge, insight, AND support of other women going through this awesome time in our lives!!!